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About us


 “Stajnia Motocyklowa” (eng. “Motorcycle Stable”) was established  in 2009. The company is a combination of our passions and experience.  We specialize in preparing motorcycles for long adventure journeys. We are proud to state that every single motorcycle that we have prepared and that traveled to Africa, Asia or wherever, came back on their own two wheels with its engine running.

We are based in Warsaw, Poland but these days the distances aren't as important as the quality of service and value of your money. We are certain that it is well worth your while to compare the price of preparing and/or fixing your motorcycle in Warsaw and adding the transport charges. We are pretty sure that we’ll still beat our competition abroad, especially when you’re preparing for a trip in Central - Eastern Europe or you have Poland planned allong your trail.

Preparing a motorcycle for a long trip, when we know that for the next 20-30 thousand kilometers your motorcycle will not see any service, is always a challange and a pleasure. We know our art well and we actually like when you come in to check up on you’r bike, we are very proud of our work. We’re not the the cheapest shop in the  business, but we are VERY good at what we do.

We really like those clients who appreciate what they buy for money they leave in our shop. Hence its not just the motorcycle itself, it is also your adventure ahead that we have in mind.

And since we can fix your motorcycle for a journey around the world, we can also fix and ready your bike for anything else, even commuting :)  

We also prepare classes and courses for the most important piece of equipment on an adventure trip - YOU.  We can teach you how to pack, what to bring, how to travel safe and how to fix your bike on the road with the stuff you have with you.

It doesn’t matter what you ride: Honda, Suzuki, KTM, BMW etc. If your machine has an engine and two wheels we can fix it :) If you are reading this you are probably looking for a good motorcycle service shop, look no further, you’ve found it.

In 2014 we are introducing a new service for our international customers! Starting spring 2014 you will be able to come to Warsaw and leave us your bike for service, and whilst it is being serviced we’ll prepare a trip of Poland for you and rent you an adventure bike. When you come back your motorcycle will be ready.