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We’ve got plenty of tools in our shop. Hammer is the least used tool we have. Much more often we use a dyno-wrench. We do complain when we see the effects of the work done by the so-called mechanics, but we patiently replace every little broken nut and bolt.

A motorcycle is an intricate and precise piece of machinery which requires time and precision to fix. Sometimes bringing back all of the strength to your breakes takes a whole day. We know how a motorcycle works, and where lies the crucial elements that decide on your safety and where any compromises are out of the question.

Usually the motorcycles that reach our shop are not new. And every motorcycle is different - hence every motorcycle in our shop recieves individual treatment. The scope of the treatment of your bike is always discussed in detail with you, especially if new issues arise during the overhaul.

In 2014 we are introducing a new service for our international customers! Starting spring 2014 you will be able to come to Warsaw and leave us your bike for service, and whilst it is being serviced we’ll prepare a trip around Poland for you and rent you an adventure bike. When you come back your motorcycle will be ready.

Types of service:
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • Maintenance parts replacement (filters, oil, brake pads, drive parts etc.)
  • Carburator and Valve adjusting
  • Suspension service
  • Engine overhaul
  • Accessories instalation
  • Computer diagnostics BMW, KTM,Triumph, Ducati, Aprilia and others

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